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What is an Employer Tax ID number, who needs an EIN and how do you get one?

Employer tax id numbers or Federal Tax Identification Numbers are used to number and track businesses in the United States. All businesses operating in the United States generally need an Employer Tax ID number. Other businesses operating in Canada and other countries may need a tax ID number for a variety of reasons including; filing US tax returns for foreign corporations or for filing tax returns on behalf of foreign individuals or companies.

How Can you apply for a Employer Tax ID number (EIN)?
Anyone may apply for a Employer Tax ID number (EIN) and this can be done in a number of ways. The easiest way to apply is online by following the link at,,id=102767,00.html

Applying for an Employer Indentification Number (EIN) is free and shouldn�t take more than 10 minutes. After completing the interview style process you will get your Employer Information Number immediately. It�s a great service and is fast and free!

The other way to apply would be to file a Form SS-4 and send via fax or mail. This process is lengthy, check on the IRS website to find out more about this form.

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